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Welcome to (hereafter the “Website”).

This Confidentiality Statement (hereafter the “Statement”) describes the rules of conduct applicable to the Website in terms of the user’s data protection. The Statement is constantly updated, especially in the light of any changes to the Swiss Federal Law on data protection (hereafter “DPL”). In any event, the Website reserves the right to modify the Statement at any time and at its sole discretion.

The use of the Website implies the user accepts the Statement in use. Each time the user accesses the Website he/she will be responsible for checking the status of the Statement. Should the user not wish to comply with the Statement, he/she shall interrupt the use of the Website.

Our policy concerning the safeguard of the user’s personal data is described here below. We wish you pleasant  surfing.


A. Personal information

The Website will only process personal information by strictly complying with this Declaration and/or applicable law. By personal information we mean any information relating to the user, insofar as the information will or may allow identification of the user (hereafter “personal information”).


B. Collecting and processing personal information

The Website will neither collect nor process the user’s personal information, apart from what is needed to allow access, use and/or improvement to the Website, notwithstanding the following provisions. Offering certain services requested by the customer, as well as internet’s technical features (web, email etc.), imply the Website will collect and process information concerning the user that could be of a personal nature (i.e., IP address of the user’s terminal).

The Website will not send publicity messages, nor will it trace the user’s online activity and does not support the use of tools for monitoring the use of web resources and email.

The Website states the purpose for collecting and processing personal information, should this not be obvious given the circumstances, at the time the information is collected and processed, at the latest. The purpose can be communicated via the web browser, a separate communication, or be based on the present Statement. Personal information shall only be processed according to the stated purpose or as a result of circumstances intervening at the time the information is collected.

The Website is authorised to process personal information spontaneously supplied by the Website user such as name and surname, address, telephone number, email address, age, profession, interests in order to supply the service requested by the user and/or special information (also of a promotional nature) linked to the Bank’s activity and services. For instance, if the user sends an email containing a question or a comment, the Website can use his/her email address to reply. The Website may also store and catalogue the email, the email address and a copy of the reply.

The Website technical management (and any related resources) is entrusted to external IT and telecommunication service providers (including web hosting services) operating in Switzerland. The Website grants these service providers access to personal information only insofar as this is strictly necessary in order to correctly and efficiently carry out their tasks. Access to personal information is granted provided such third parties have subscribed to a commitment to safeguard the confidentiality of the aforementioned information and not to use the information for a purpose that is beyond the fulfilment of their tasks.

Some information relating to the user, such as the use of the Website (IP address, time spent, services used, operating system and browser used, clicked links, etc.), are analysed automatically and anonymously in order to assess the possible introduction of new functionalities aimed at improving the quality of services offered as well as optimising the use of the Website.

The Website does not install cookies, nor does it promote their use, on the user’s computer.

Notwithstanding what already specified in this Statement or the applicable Law, the Website undertakes not to sell, rent, lend, market or transfer personal information (including email addresses) to third parties, and also to treat all personal information as confidential.


C. Personal information transmission and storage

The Website only sends the user’s personal information to third parties if the individual concerned has given his/her consent and provided the addressee is residing or domiciled in Switzerland. However, we reserve the right to send such information should the request be lawful or ordered by the Swiss (judicial or administrative) authorities. The Website will store personal information relating to users up to such time when this is required for the purpose for which the information was collected, provided there is no legal obligation to store it for longer


D. Consent to collect and process personal information

In supplying personal information, conversely in using the Website, the user accepts that the information is collected and processed in compliance with the law and/or this Statement. Depending on the circumstances, or depending on the sensitivity of the supplied data and the treatment thereof, the user may be asked to explicitly grant his/her consent for collecting and processing his/her personal information. This consent can be withdrawn by the user at any time by complying with the communication procedure outlined here below in paragraph I.

Whenever this is allowed or required by the law, or in case of an order issued by the Swiss (judicial or administrative) authorities, the Website is authorized to collect, use and send the personal information concerning the user without having prior consent and without informing the user.

Should the user not wish to receive special or promotional information relating to the Bank’s activity and services, he/she will be able to exercise a veto, as well as withdraw his/her consent, by simply complying with the communication procedure outlined below in paragraph I.


E. Security

Only authorised persons have access to personal information concerning the user, within the limit of what is strictly necessary to carry out their tasks. The Website implements all security measures reasonably dictated by circumstances and commensurate with preventing unauthorised access, use, transmission, alteration, loss or destruction of the user’s personal information.

Such measures include provisions of a technical, physical and organisational nature. However, given the open nature of the internet, the owner of the Website cannot in any way guarantee total protection. Therefore, we disclaim any liability in this matter.

Furthermore, the Website cannot guarantee in any way the confidentiality of data supplied or sent by the user online or by email. Therefore, the owner of the Website disclaims any liability in relation to the safety of data sent via the internet from/to the Website.


F. Access to personal information

The owner of the Website acknowledges the right of any user to access his/her personal information and to check its correctness, as well as ask for it to be modified, corrected and/or updated free of charge. Upon request, the user has the right to be informed in case and for what reason his/her personal information is processed. In some exceptional cases provided by the Law, access to the data may be denied.


G. Links to third party websites and resources

The Website contains links to third party websites and internet resources. The Website is in no way responsible for the content, safety and use of such websites and resources; in particular, the Website does not verify the policy nor does it offer guarantees in terms of confidentiality and personal data protection by the above mentioned third parties.


H. Website ownership

AXION SWISS BANK SA, Via Bossi 1, 6900 Lugano, is the owner of the Website and can be contacted by using the email address provided below in paragraph I.


I. Contact us

Should you have any comments/questions on our Statement, the processing of your personal information or if you wish to change your preferences in connection with the processing of your personal data, please send an email to:


J. Adoption and editing

This Statement has been adopted on 15 March 2012.



Confidentiality Statement

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Axion SWISS Bank Performance is our Mission