As of Monday, May 8, our E-Banking introduces specific new features with the aim of making its use even more streamlined and closer to your needs.


Payment management


AxionTAN application

The AxionTAN application has been made more graphically pleasing, while nothing will change in terms of functionality and usability.

See the AxionTAN: User Guide page for more details.


Push Login: easier but secure access

Accessing E-Banking via AxionTAN is the easiest and most secure way. Thanks to the "push login" feature (which can be activated within the "Settings and profile - AxionTAN devices" section of the E-Banking), during the login procedure you do not need to scan the mosaic but you receive a notification on your mobile device that you need to approved.

Of course, if the telephone network is not available, you can opt for offline access mode by scanning the mosaic.

All customers who, to date, still use the SMS or the paper card with codes, are invited to switch to AxionTAN independently, again in the "Settings and Profile - AxionTAN devices" section.


E-Banking support

Our E-Banking support team is available for any additional information you may require from Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:00 (Phone: +41(0)91/910 95 99).


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