Use caution: protect yourself from online scams!  

Dear Customer,

we would like to make you aware of an issue of growing importance. With the steady increase in the use of e-banking, cybercriminals in Switzerland are intensifying their activities and show no signs of slowing down.

Indeed, the National Center for Cybersecurity reports a new upsurge in the phenomenon of "phishing" fraud, that is, stealing credentials to access sites such as e-banking, perpetrated through deception.

Unable to circumvent banks' security systems, malicious attackers exploit the user's possible carelessness or try to steal the user's trust by posing as something they are not.

One must therefore be extremely cautious.

  • With increasing frequency, malicious intruders present themselves as security experts or operators of a bank.
  • The phone number that appears on the screen may look like that of one's own banking institution, but it is actually altered;
  • The criminals lead the victim to believe that there is a payment order within the e-banking system for a product mistakenly purchased online, and that this payment should be removed;
  • Once the victim's trust has been gained in an underhand manner, the criminals lend themselves to "solve the problem" by requesting joint access to the e-banking platform;
  • To this end, they ask the victim to install a remote access solution on their device; then they achieve their goal, which is to enter the victim's e-banking and instruct payments for their benefit, making it appear that they have solved the problem.

In light of this dynamic, one should be aware of the following aspects:

  • The bank cannot know the reasons or products related to an online purchase. Therefore, be wary!
  • If in doubt, ask for the name of the operator, end the conversation, and be the one to call Axion SWISS Bank's e-banking support back on +41 91/910 95 99: by doing so, you will know that you are really talking to the bank;
  • Under no circumstances install remote software. Axion SWISS Bank will never ask you to install such software.

It may seem unlikely to fall into certain traps, yet it happens with high frequency.

The dynamic presented may in some ways seem unlikely, and one might be tempted to think oneself safe from such scams. Unfortunately, criminals can be cunning and make more victims than you might think. We therefore urge you to always be cautious and keep your attention to detail high.

It is very important to emphasize that the mode of the scam exposed above represents one of the dynamics exploited by cybercriminals to leverage your possible inattention.

On other occasions, malicious people, for example, send fake e-mails or create fake sites that imitate the original ones. These deceptive sites often appear on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) even in the form of advertisements.

That is why in addition to the above security rules, the following habits should be scrupulously observed in order to use e-banking safely.

  • Jealously guard your login credentials (user number and password);
  • Always manually enter "" in your browser address bar;
  • Never access the Axion SWISS Bank website through a link received by e-mail or through other digital channels;
  • Never access the Axion SWISS Bank site via a search engine;
  • Verify that the connection is secure (presence of the padlock icon with the correct financial institution and domain name);
  • At the end of the session, log out and close the browser;
  • Immediately close the connection in case of system interruption or unusual error messages;
  • If you use the App, arrange to download them from the official stores;
  • Carefully check the confirmation messages required by the App. Verify that it was really you who made the request for access or payment;
  • Report in any case and without delay to e-banking support any doubts or suspicions on +41 91/910 95 99.

Finally, we remind you that Axion SWISS Bank will never send you an e-mail in which it requests your access data, to type them in or renew them, or containing any kind of request that contemplates the execution of transactions on your part.

We thank you for your attention and remain at your disposal.

Axion SWISS Bank Performance is our Mission