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Solo exhibition by Marco D'Anna


“In today’s world, with its rapid transformations in the sector of mining and raw-material processing — a field in which technological requirements and economic opportunities are constantly evolving — having the chance to visit some of the places that symbolise Russia’s heavy industry was a huge privilege and a unique opportunity to create an important photographic record.


“To See things, it is not enough to merely look at them; you must look inside them”


We are witnessing a monumental change: the vital need to consider climate impacts in industrial projects requires an enormous commitment. In Siberia, in the industrial heart of modern Russia, I have been able to capture photographs of the efforts being made to modernise factories and production processes. Coal mining, for example, is followed by the restoration and reclamation of the land once the raw material has been extracted. I have seen tens of thousands of trees being planted so that the land can be passed down to future generations “intact”.


The aim of my photographs is to record these moments for posterity.


They don’t provide any answers. If anything, they help us to ask questions!”


Marco D’Anna



Axion SWISS Bank Performance is our Mission
Axion SWISS Bank Performance is our Mission