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Solo exhibition by Marco D'Anna


“Commodities - from Russia to Ticino”

Solo exhibition by Marco D’Anna


Russia and Ticino. Two places which, at first glance, seem, to be worlds apart but are actually bound tightly by the invisible cords of a material commonly used by all of us, without exception: steel.

While Russia, on the one hand, represents an international hub for coal mining (an often still essential element in steel production), Ticino, on the other hand, is one of the world’s most important trading centres for the metal. Consider, for example, that 40% of global volume is believed to be sold from the city on Lake Lugano.


We are all familiar with the final uses of steel, from our cars and the trains we use to travel, to the pens we use when writing greeting cards and the keys to our homes. But what would we find if we followed those invisible cords all the way back from Lugano to Siberia? This is exactly what Marco D’Anna has done on his journey, recording it through a series of breath-taking images which are not only impressive from an artistic point of view, but also invite viewers to reflect.


Through the medium of photography, Marco D’Anna has immortalised a sector of an industry which, although heavy, is destined like all other sectors to come up against the cultural changes linked to ecology and safeguarding the planet in one way or another, a transition symbolic of our modern economy.


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